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Decision making and conflict resolution beyond sacred orders
Decision making is not an easy task. Different perspectives, views and interests are sometimes conflicting. Hierarchies sometimes help us to come to decisions, but sometimes they can also lead to bad decision quality.

Over and over again, key company employees find themselves in a role in which they have to take on leadership tasks without actually having employee responsibility within the organizational structure.

In a workshop in Leesburg, Virginia, Wolfgang Grilz worked together with a group of US-American organization developers on change management in complex business situations. Find out which tools and methods are needed for effective change.

Effective executive development programmes combine self-development and relationship building with teaching the necessary competencies to organise systems.

What makes people experience happiness and satisfaction at their workplace? How do you get your wife to watch the football world cup with you? Motivational tips for things that we don’t like to do by Trigon consult-ant Wolfgang Grilz.

Die Unternehmensgeschichte von SEMCO ist ein Beispiel, wie demokratische Prinzipien im Unternehmen erfolgreich eingesetzt werden können.

Companies need structure. In most cases, these are hierarchical structures characterized by the super- and subordination of employees. However, it is often important to adapt organisational structures in order to cope with the growing complexity of the company environment.

Leaders in my seminars always laugh out loud when they hear what the word hierarchy actually means in translation. The word hierarchy is of ancient Greek origin and means "holy order". A hierarchy thus denotes elements that are superior and inferior to one another, whereby this order is "God's will”.

During a seminar on the subject of empowerment, one of the participants asked me whether managers did not also have a duty of care towards their employees. To stimulate discussion, I told the group the story of the Pullman strike. The manager Pullman behaved like Shakespeare's King Lear. Only as long as his workers, like Lear's daughters, accepted both his benevolence and the associated control gratefully and unconditionally, the system worked.

A group of managers from an international company meets at a seminar on leadership. The executives are experienced, have a lot of responsibility and most of them also manage executives. In the preliminary discussion, the HR department and company management both emphasize that the managers have a high level of practical experience, but that they are mostly active in terms of their daily business, that their performance as regards urgent work is excellent, but that they have given little thought...