Your Strategic Partner

in developing people and organisations

Corporate Culture

Empowering employees in their capacity to act autonomously. By identifying with the company's goals, they take mental and emotional responsibility for their organisation. The results are greater innovation, continuous further development and higher productivity.


Leadership Development Programmes

Development programmes for executives and talents are designed with a view to the company's strategic objectives. The experience-oriented style of these events is highly attractive for the participants. The focus is on transferring the results into the participants’ own working environment.


Moderating Workshops and Meetings

Strategy issues, team development, improvement of collaboration between departments - the reasons for workshops are manifold. The right balance of confrontational approaches to deal with current challenges and an appreciative attitude are the key to success.


Shaping change for the future

Designing change processes does not end with the diagnosis of the relevant needs and the development of sustainable concepts for the future. Success is reflected in the degree to which they are implemented by the employees. This, too, is the yardstick against which Wolfgang Grilz wants to measure the success of his consulting activities.

The only person who behaves sensibly is my tailor. He takes new measurements every time he sees me. All the rest go on with their old measurements. – George Bernard Shaw

Innovation through human resource development

Knowledge management using new social collaboration tools, new perspectives on talent management, innovative performance management


Potential analysis

Assessment centres, 360° feedback processes and management audits provide in-depth feedback and serve as a basis for personal development.