Trigon Development Consultants

Wolfgang Grilz is a senior partner and an active member of Trigon Development Consultants. In addition to his work with clients, he also devotes much of his time to working within the company itself. For many years he was Trigon Vienna’s Managing Director and an honorary member of the board of Trigon’s umbrella association.

He has also worked on the editorial board of "Trigon Topics", developing Trigon's leading role in the areas of corporate and leadership culture.

As part of his activities within Trigon he has built up an innovative social collaboration network, which enables the consultants to effectively exchange know-how and to communicate efficiently with clients and participants of Trigon courses.

One of the main reasons why Trigon has retained its innovative power and learning ability after more than three successful decades is that the founders have firmly established continuous learning in the company concept. – Wolfgang Grilz

Trigon was founded in 1985 by Franz Biehal, Friedrich Glasl, Hannes Pieber, Hans von Sassen and Werner Vogelauer and is today a group of several companies with over forty experienced and highly professional consultants operating in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Trigon's consulting services focus on people with their creative potential and ideas.

Trigon provides consultancy services to companies on questions of organisational and human resources development and trains their managers using innovative programmes. In addition to a series of seminars, the Trigon Academy offers comprehensive training in organisational development, HR development, coaching, mindful leadership, and agile leadership. Trigon is of course also known for its work in the field of conflict management and mediation. Friedrich Glasl, one of Trigon’s founders, is one of the best-known conflict researchers and winner of numerous research and education awards. Glasl's model of conflict escalation (>> English Wikipedia entry) is now taught worldwide in mediation training.


In an independent journalistic ranking, Trigon has repeatedly been awarded the title of best consultant by the renowned German business magazine brand eins.