Wolfgang Grilz is an authority on developing corporate cultures.

One Company - One Culture

Corporate culture - the soul of the organisation. Our attitudes and values shape our actions.  Our actions determine our success. Working on corporate culture is the basis for a sustainable balance between change and stability in organisations.


Hans A. Wüthrich, Wolfgang Grilz, Herbert Salzmann and Brigitta Hager at the Next Leadership Generation-symposion

Leadership Development

Effective managers act consciously and mindfully. In doing so, they follow their values and principles. They focus on development - their area of responsibility, their employees and their own personality.


Wolfgang Grilz on agile leadership

Strategies for managing digital transformation

In a working world which is becoming increasingly competence-based and digitalised, new paradigms of organisational design are emerging. Management tools are available to deal with this.    


Wolfgang Grilz on knowledge management 2.0

Knowledge Management 2.0

Communication and collaboration can be designed to speed up decision-making processes. Sharing knowledge is not a tiresome chore, but part of the daily work process.



Wolfgang Grilz on lateral leadership

Lateral Leadership

Leadership in absence of a managerial position

You have managerial tasks without being your employees’ superior in terms of hierarchy? This is a good starting point to achieve genuine acceptance and authority! In addition, this will also prepare you for management functions in agile companies.


Wolfgang Grilz on innovative HR development

Innovation Workshop Human Resource Development

Training course in cooperation with Witten/Herdecke University

Become a dialogue partner for top management on the subject of innovation processes! Supply your organisation with ideas that shape the corporate culture and the appropriate human resource development processes to promote innovation!