Managing Change in Complex Systems

This was a small, but wonderfully diverse group that Wolfgang Grilz was able to join at a week-long seminar in Leesburg, Virigina. It was organized by the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and he could have intense discussions on "Facilitating and Managing Change in complex systems" with his colleagues from organizational development at Microsoft, in the banking sector and at several U.S. federal agencies.

Wolfgang Grilz: "Thanks a lot for the insight in their projects to my colleagues. You can learn a lot when you hear how Microsoft increases the diversity among its employees and how an OD consultant in an environmental agency supports her rockstar leader in bringing a silo organization to a collaborative way of working. And even more the experience of hearing how an OD colleague and bank employee is suddenly affected by the merger of her own bank. Her vivid narrative helped to understand the resulting chaos in organizations if complexity principles are not applied in such cases."

Special thanks go to Deat LaCour, who moderated this seminar with great sensitivity and imparted so much knowledge in the areas of complexity science and chaos theory.


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Managing Complex Change: NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, and Wolfgang Grilz, Trigon Development Consultants